I am glad to invite you to Conscious Stavanger - I am a massage therapist interested in personal growth, health, wellness, meditation and holistic concept of us as part of nature.

"The body is a stepping stone into your consciousness" (OSHO) - relaxing into it, breathing deeply into it and being deeply in the body and in the present moment gives us tremendous strength, peace, joy and satisfaction from our lives. 

The two treatments that I offer are:

"ARUN" Conscious Touch (includes joint release, rollfing, core muscles integration, deep tissue, human energy line work, yoga stretches, touch of presence and breath work)

"ARUN" Cranio-Sacral Treatment (in simple words working with your spinal fluid, bones of the head, spine and pelvic floor area -sacrum, sacro-illiac joint release, pelvic integration)

I also offer dance meditation workshops based on Biodanza Heart in Motion, breath, body physiology and psycho-spiritual aspects:

You can read more about it here